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When the holidays come around, nothing is quite as festive as beautiful flowers and lush greenery! From poinsettias to evergreens, holiday floral decor can really bring your home or office to life. But how can you make sure that your blooms stay fresh throughout the season? Keep reading for our top tips on how to care for your holiday and Christmas floral decor!


Watering Your Floral Arrangements

When it comes to keeping your holiday floral arrangements looking their best, one of the most important things you can do is give them enough water. Whether you’re dealing with cut flowers in a vase or a potted plant, keeping them moist will help keep them looking vibrant and healthy. Depending on the type of flower or plant you have, you may need to water it once every day or two days—just be sure to check its soil regularly so that it stays hydrated.


Proper Sun Exposure

Just like humans need adequate sun exposure, plants also need just the right amount of light in order to thrive! If you’ve got any outdoor potted plants or hanging baskets, be sure they are getting enough sun each day (but not too much!) A good rule of thumb is about six hours of sunlight each day. However, if your outdoor plants are getting too much sun, they might start wilting—so adjust accordingly.


Temperature Control

The temperature of your home can also have an effect on how well your holiday floral decor lasts. To ensure that cut flowers last as long as possible, place them in a cool spot where drafts won’t affect them. As for potted plants and hanging baskets, try to keep them away from extreme temperatures like very warm radiators or air conditioners—these could cause some damage over time.



Caring for holiday floral decor doesn’t have to be complicated! With just a few simple steps like watering regularly and making sure they get the right amount of sun and temperature control, you can enjoy beautiful blooms all season long. If you follow these basic tips, there’s no doubt your festive florals will look amazing through New Year’s Day and beyond! Happy Holidays!

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